Best Back-To-School VWs

Heading back to school is as much about announcing to your peers what you did with your summer as it is about rekindling your love of learning. Here are some affordable Volkswagen models that will help with just that. They’ll also help reduce your time spent on the 99 B-line, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

back to school3

VW Jetta (from $14,990)

For those who want to say, “I’ve been promising myself a German car for years, and this summer, I finally did it.”

As the most affordable of new Volkswagens, the Jetta is a big hit with students. The huge trunk, room for five, and excellent fuel economy don’t hurt either.


View our 2014 VW Jetta inventory

View our 2014 VW Jetta Specials


VW Golf (from $18,995)

For those who want to say, “I needed a car this summer, so I went with the World Car Of The Year. Why wouldn’t I? I’m a reasonable person.”

The 2015 Golf is the product of 40 years of evolution. This may not be long for stars or species, but for cars it’s a very long time indeed. Volkswagen has defined what it is a hatchback vehicle could and should be over those years, culminating in the Golf winning the coveted World Car Of The Year award twice over the past five years. Twice! And this new-for-2015 Mk 7 model is the best Golf yet, blending performance, practicality, luxury, safety and technology in perfect balance. Ideal for anyone, including students.


> View our 2015 VW Golf inventory

> Learn about the 2015 VW Golf


VW GTI (from $27,995)

For those who want to say, “I learned to drive this summer. Like, really drive.”

The GTI is the perfect everyday car for the enthusiast. Take it to school, take it to the track, stop off for groceries on the way home… It does it all with ease and style. But don’t take our word for it. Head to Google, search “GTI review”, and attempt to count the superlatives heaped upon this car by journalists the world over.


 > View our 2015 VW GTI inventory

> Learn about the 2015 VW GTI


VW Passat (from $23,975)

For those who want to say, “I matured a lot this summer.”

Big, yes. But when you’re carting your friends around, sometimes, you know, you want to keep them at arm’s length. Particularly after intramural basketball. The Passat’s fuel efficient range of engines will ensure you won’t have to pay extra for this luxury.


> View our 2014 VW Passat and CC inventory

> View our 2014 VW Passat and CC Specials


VW Tiguan (from $24,990)

For those who want to say, “This summer, I realized not all great adventures have paved roads leading up to them.”

The Tiguan’s 4Motion AWD system ensures it handles itself well when the road turns rough. But let’s not forget it has the GTI’s engine, which means it handles itself pretty well on the paved stuff too. It’s safe, it’s practical, it swallows up luggage and gear… It’s the perfect Whistler mobile on those powder days when playing hooky is just the only option.


> View our 2014 VW Tiguan Specials


VW Beetle (from $22,675)

For those who want to say, “I had a lot of fun this summer.”

Look at this thing. There’s absolutely nothing not to like about this car. Everyone should have a friend who drives a Beetle, and maybe you’re the person who should be that friend.With coupe, convertible and GSR models, there are Beetles for all personalities, so choose appropriately.


> View our 2014 VW Beetle inventory


Certified Pre-Owned Volkswagens

For those who want to say, “This summer saw me maximize my smiles per dollar.”

Any of the above models can be found with a few kilometers and years under their belt in Clarkdale’s Pre-Owned inventory. “A few kilometers and years under their belt” equates to the same vehicles described above but at even more affordable price points, which makes the pre-owned option especially popular with students. To boot, almost every one of our pre-owned VWs is a “Certified” pre-owned VW, meaning it comes with an extended factory warranty and a significantly reduced finance rate. AKA, the best of both worlds. Definitely check out our pre-owned inventory, cause there are great options available.

Volkswagen Certified Pre-owned 2009 Jetta

> View our Certified Pre-Owned inventory

> View our Used Specials




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