Mk VII GTI VIP LAUNCH at Clarkdale Volkswagen


The Mk VII GTI took its official Vancouver bow on Wednesday June 18th at Clarkdale Volkswagen in front of a throng of GTI drivers and enthusiasts. The three Mk VII’s on display in our Service shop commanded much attention from the attendees, as did pristine examples of the previous six GTI generations that were also present in the Service Shop.


The newest incarnation of the venerable VW GTI was introduced by our Sales Manager, Trevor Scheidl, followed by a presentation of the car’s features by our Lease Manager and Brand Specialist, Adam Niblock. Rob Boznik, a Clarkdale Service Technician as well as racing instructor and multiple GTI owner, then presented the new GTI’s technical specifications and advancements while putting them in context of the previous six GTI generations, examples of which were conveniently located over his right shoulder. The presentations concluded with Jens Egger introducing Clarkdale’s newly-minted GTI Club (details here) and describing its first event, a track day at YPK Integrated Training Centre.




Screen shot 2014-06-27 at 16.58.37



Dinner was provided by acclaimed Vancouver food truck, The Kaboom Box. Expectations were high, but the venison burgers, salmon “salmwiches”, poutine and a menu full of other items easily lived up to them. As people ate, they roamed around the Service shop, checking out the various GTIs and asking questions that the Service Techs were only too keen to answer. A GTI was even thrown up on a hoist for a better view of its nether regions, all the better for answering technical questions!




Screen shot 2014-06-27 at 16.57.49

Overall, it was a great night. Thank you to all who came out and showed support for both Clarkdale and the new Mk VII GTI. This is an important car to us and we’re glad to see it’s important to many of you as well.


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