Top Sales Scam of 2014 : Curbers

Walt is a curber – An individual posing as a private seller, but selling vehicles for profit as a business.

Curbers have recently been named the Top Sales Scam of 2014 by the Mainland’s Better Business Bureau (BBB). Okay, let us guess what you’re thinking: what the heck is a curber?

A curber is an individual posing as the private seller of a vehicle on Craigslist/Kijiji/etc, but who in actuality is an unlicensed dealer selling multiple vehicles at a profit. This is considered a scam because curbing usually involves crappy cars — if the curber is to make a profit, they have to buy cheap cars (severely damaged, high kilometers, etc) and sell them for more money, a process which always hides the reasons the cars were cheap in the first place. The victim therefore comes away from the deal having paid too much money for a crappy car that they don’t even realize is crappy (yet!). And the curber walks away with the money.

To ad insult to injury, the victim gets none of the protection the law provides for purchases from BC-licensed car dealer, something that would surely come in handy when the car’s crappiness makes itself known to the victim.

How do you protect yourself against curbers? Visit these links from the Motor Vehicle Sales Authority of British Columbia and the BBB.


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