The 2013 Beetle Convertible arrives in February

Hooray! The 2013 Beetle Convertible arrives in February!

We’ll take a stab at what you might be thinking right now: “February is not ideal convertible weather in this part of the world.” We wholeheartedly agree. But let us use a brief hypothetical to illustrate why we think VW Canada has decided to introduce such a car at such a time. Imagine it’s August and you’ve just purchased a beautiful new pair of skis to replace those you’ve been using for the past six years. Now imagine how badly you crave the snow’s arrival… A morning’s view of a light dusting on Cypress will never look so good. This, friends, is why we believe VW Canada chose February — it will make for the sweetest, most triumphant arrival of summer you’ve ever experienced! And that’s really saying something in Vancouver.

Beetle Convertible arrives in February at Clarkdale Volkswagen

At the new lower starting price of only $28,775, not only is the Beetle Convertible one of the most affordable 4-seat open-top cars in Canada, but it also comes with a whole host of new standard features, including Bluetooth®, Media Device Interface (MDI), aerodynamic rear spoiler and split-folding rear seats. And that roof! It’s fully automatic, meaning it can be raised or lowered in a hair over ten seconds. It folds flatter than the previous model, meaning rearward visibility is much improved. And it doesn’t fold down into the now-42%-larger trunk, meaning cargo capacity is unaltered in top-down motoring. So don’t be afraid to pack an extra beach ball.

Remember that feeling when the sun came out last July? Amplify it next year with a ready-and-waiting Beetle Convertible! Contact Clarkdale at (604) 873-5431 or to learn about how to pre-order yours today.


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