– Clarkdale Volkswagen’s new Service Website

A quick look at our reviews on Google and Dealer Rate show that, when it comes to Service, we at Clarkdale Volkswagen know what we’re doing. But we also know that, through interaction, education and the Main Street community, we can provide you with an even better Service experience. So that’s just what we’ve done.

Introducing, Clarkdale’s new Service-dedicated website. The goal in its development was to provide you with a richer, more enjoyable Service experience from beginning to end: a virtual service assistant helps book your service appointment; a new “Live Repair” feature gives you the option of being kept up to speed on your vehicle’s service in real time via the technician doing the work, and direct links on their messages educate you on what exactly that thing they’re talking about does; an information page on the neighbourhood’s shops, cafes, restaurants and attractions ensure you have something enjoyable to do to pass the time; and a Specials Page for Main Street shops and restaurants, as well as Clarkdale’s own Parts and Service Departments, ensures you get a good deal doing so.

Our goal was to make servicing your Volkswagen with Clarkdale VW  a little more fun. We hope we’ve accomplished this.

Clarkdale Volkswagen new service website


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