Topless Volkswagen models!

Golf R Convertible

It has been revealed that Volkswagen will be pulling the top off a couple of its models this year. First up, a ragtop version of the VW Golf R, a high performance, low production version of the GTI. A spy video of the Golf R Convertible doing a bit of road testing in Germany this week shows it cloaked in the more pedestrian body of a GTI, but come production time, you can expect it to wear the more aggressive clothes of the hardtop Golf R. The Golf R Cabriolet will be the fastest open-top Golf ever. No official debut date as of yet, but rumour has it pegged for the Paris Motor Show in September.

Meanwhile, Clarkdale Volkswagen is expecting six 2013 Volkswagen Golf R vehicles between now and the end of the year.

Beetle Convertible

Hot on the heels of the Golf R Convertible will be the Beetle Convertible, which will be debuting at the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show in November. Although no official photos have been released, expect it to look something like a less low-slung version of the E-Bugster concept vehicle shown earlier this year at the Detroit and Beijing Auto Shows.


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