Little Mountain/Riley Park Festival

There’s an argument that Little Mountain/Riley Park is the best neighbourhood in the Solar System (apparently there’s a slightly better neighbourhood on a planet orbiting the star Gliese 876, but they’re 15.3 light years away).

To celebrate this fact, Clarkdale Volkswagen is proudly sponsoring this year’s Little Mountain/Riley Park Festival together with some other neighbourhood businesses. Come dance, play, make and learn with us tomorrow (Saturday, June 23rd) at Hillcrest Community Centre for an afternoon full of live music and dance, food from around the world, lessons on things like bike maintenance and gardening, and a whole bunch of other stuff that helps make Little Mountain/Riley Park the best darn place for 15.3 light years!

Clarkdale Volkswagen is sponsoring Little Mountain / Riley Park Festival

Here’s a link with more information on the Festival:

And here’s a link with more information on just how far a light year is:

See you tomorrow!


One thought on “Little Mountain/Riley Park Festival

  1. This place looks pretty cool hah, love Volkswagen. If you’re interested I have a VAG forum, ive linked it in my comment for you to view.

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