VW Owners Clinic – June 14th at Clarkdale Volkswagen

Attention all Volkswagen NEW OWNERS!

You’re invited to Clarkdale’s VW Owners Clinic,

taking place June 14th.

Ask our service technicians your questions, see demonstrations and learn all there is to know about your VW!

vw new owners clinic at clarkdale volkswagen

VW Owner Clinic: Get to know your Volkswagen and the Clarkdale Dealership

After 51 years in business, there isn’t much that shocks us anymore over here at Clarkdale. Except one thing: the astonishing number of Volkswagen drivers who, despite loving them, are unaware of all the things they actually do. The time has come to put an end to this unfamiliarity, and Clarkdale VW Owners Clinic will do just that! An exclusive Clarkdale event designed to enhance our customers’ VW ownership experience, you can think of it as ‘Das Enlightenment’. And, like all enlightenments before it, this one is free of charge.

Our inaugural VW Owners Clinic took place last month, and proved to be a hit with both the people in attendance and with our service techs who ran the show (see for yourself by watching this short video). Combined with being oversubscribed, we just had to host another one!

The clinic will provide you with:

  • An introduction to all involved in Clarkdale’s Service Department, from management to advisors to the very technicians who work on your car, all of whom will be available to answer your questions.
  • Answers to your questions regarding your VW’s features and functions by way of live and interactive demonstrations on our complete new model line up in our Service Shop with our Volkwagen trained technicians.
  • Discussions on safety-related items, warranty, extended service coverage, and the benefits of servicing your car at the dealer.
  • A tour of Clarkdale’s facilities and equipment.

And, as every cake needs its icing.

  • A complimentary gift from the Clarkdale Parts Department.
  • Food and beverages will be served.


When:  June 14th, 2012
6:30 PM – 8:00 PM

Where: Clarkdale Volkswagen
4575 Main Street,
Vancouver, BC V5V 3R4

In keeping with the whole “knowledge sharing” idea, the VW Owners Clinic is Complimentary and open to ALL Volkswagen owners, regardless of year, model or place of purchase.


To register:

fill the online registration form


contact Lana at (604) 872-5431

to have your name added to the guest list.


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