Optimize Your VW’s Summer Road Trip-ability!

Unless you’re on Baffin Island, it’s hard to get through a summer of driving without air conditioning. Optimize your A/C’s efficiency before the weather turns hot with an Air Conditioning Recharge from Clarkdale Volkswagen. We’ll evacuate your car’s A/C system, clean the air ducts, install new refrigerant and give the whole system a good going-over.

air conditioniong recharge at Clarkdale Volkswagen

While you’re at it, optimize your vehicle’s fuel efficiency on summer road trips with a Two-Wheel Alignment. We’ll also throw in a complimentary battery health test, wiper blade check and tire tread depth check, just to make sure those road trips go as swimmingly as possible!

2 wheel alignment at Clarkdale Volkswagen

complimentary tire, battery and wiper blade check at Clarkdale Volkswagen

Check out Clarkdale Volkswagen’s Service Specials site for details:


Clarkdale Parts and Service Departments are now open:

10 HOURS A DAY ON WEEKDAYS (7:30AM to 6:00PM, Monday to Friday)

& ALL DAY ON SATURDAYS (8:30AM to 5:00PM)!

That’s right: Saturdays! We are now doing all types of service work on the weekends to free-up your weekday schedule! And you’ll receive a complimentary “Level 2” car wash when you schedule a service appointment for either a weekday time between 3pm and 6pm, or any time on Saturday.

To schedule your service appointment: use the online form or give us a call at (604) 872-5431!

Looking forward to seeing you!



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