Meet Michal Morley – Sales Consultant at Clarkdale Volkswagen

I was born on the sunshine coast of British Columbia.  One great early childhood memory was when my Uncle came to visit from Vancouver with his brand new car.  We all went outside to see it and that is when I fell in love with VW’s.  It was a baby blue original Beetle convertible.  I thought it was awesome!  Many years later, and living in Vancouver, I am now a proud mother of two beautiful boys.  When my first son was just 2 months old, I had decided I needed a new car, something really safe and easy to take care of.  The first place I thought of was Clarkdale Volkswagen.  I graduated high school just down the street from Clarkdale so I knew exactly where I was going to get my new VW!
I bought a new 4 door Golf, raise my two boys in it, never had a problem with it either!
Again, many years later, I found myself selling Honda’s in Abbotsford BC.  I was driving a GTI at the time, and I had decided to trade it in and become a “Honda Girl”.  What a mistake that was.  I drove the Honda for about 3 months, took a hefty loss and got myself the new Rabbit. (a golf in disguise! )  Every one at Honda kind of laughed at me because I was a true Volkswagen lover.  I didn’t mind, I was proud of it!  I knew deep down inside that it was VW or nothing!
I then relocated to Vancouver, was taking some time off and was surfing Craig’s list one day.  I came across a Clarkdale Volkswagen add, looking for a Brand Specialist.  I didn’t think I’d go back to the car industry but I couldn’t refuse sending in my Resume.  The next day I was hired and selling the Brand I so dearly loved!  I love my job, really love the product, and yes, still drive a VW!
I would welcome an opportunity to show you our line up.  We have models to suit all your needs.  Big VW’s, little VW’s, fast VW’s, energy efficient VW’s and lets not forget the brand newly designed 2012 super cool VW, the Beetle!

Contact Michal Morley at Clarkdale Volkswagen :


Phone: 778-552-5653

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