Lucas Beck : Sales Consultant at Clarkdale Volkswagen

Growing up on the West Coast of Canada has been an absolute treat! When I was 16 years old I bought my first VW, a 1988 Jetta, and I was hooked. After that it was an ‘86 Jetta for my years spent at The University of Victoria, and then jumped into an ‘01 Jetta after I graduated – all funded from working in various restaurants over the years!

Moving to Vancouver was my next step and I began my new job at Clarkdale Volkswagen. It was an easy fit, and I couldn’t believe that I was able to drive new VW’s around as my job! Is this real life?

It wasn’t long before I fell in love with the new GTI and two months after working I had my own! The GTI is by far my favourite VW. You really do have to drive one to appreciate the smooth power and incredible performance that this hot hatch has to offer. Plus I can head up to Whistler in the winter, boards on the roof, and I’ve never had an issue in the snow!

Next time you are in the neighbourhood, stop into Clarkdale and say hi! I’m always happy to chat about cars and life, or head out for a drive around Queen E Park (remember my favourite part of the job?) See ya next Tuesday!

Contact Lucas Beck at Clarkdale Volkswagen :


Phone: (866) 602-7906

Direct: 604-506-9166

Read Clarkdale Volkswagen’s reviews on Google



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