The Volswagen Golf R emigrates to Canada in one year’s time.

It’s true. VW optimists, outstretch your hands. VW pessimists, withdraw your wallets. The Golf R emigrates to Canada in one year’s time.

new VW Golf Rmore photos? check Clarkdale VW website


Today, Volkswagen Canada announced the price of the 2012 Golf R: $39,675. Not only does this significantly undercut the original estimation based on the car’s European price conversion, it also makes official the R’s entry into Canada. When it comes with a price, it’s for real! This is great news for many of us in Canada—after years of being taunted by Volkswagen’s Europe-only R models, we’re finally getting one of our own! Visit for info on and photos of this amazing car.



In January 2010, Volkswagen Canada performed an experiment that brought the Montreal International Auto Show to a standstill: they put on display a Golf R “Concept”, a menace in blue sheet metal whose sole purpose was to quantify Canada’s appetite for speed. Evidently, we’re a hungry bunch. Not one year later, VW Canada made the announcement that the Golf R would land on our shores for the very first time. A welcome addition to the line-up, we think you’ll agree.

What’s it got under the curves?

VW Canada has been tight-mouthed with details so far, but it’s likely our Golf R will retain most of the features of its European sibling. Let’s recap a few, shall we?

  • 2.0T TSI engine producing 256 hp and 258 (!) lbs-ft of torque
  • Significantly advanced 4MOTION all wheel drive system
  • Option of 6 speed MANUAL transmission only!
  • Bigger brakes all around with the black R-badged calipers
  • Upgraded suspension system
  • Stiffened chassis
  • Adjustable Electronic Stability Program with “Sport” mode

Will it look different than the current Mk VI GTI?

Oh yes, my friend. There are a host of upgrades to both the interior and exterior that will likely find their way to the Canadian R, separating it visually from the already pretty-bad-ass-looking GTI. Among others, these will likely include:

  • Serious-looking multi-material Top Sport seats
  • New 18″ Talladega rims
  • LED running lights and tail lights
  • Aerodynamic kit
  • “R” embroidering and badging inside and out
  • Rather intimidating central exhaust pipes made famous on the Mk V R32
  • Many other details immediately apparent to the trained eye

What’ll it do, mister?

Not having driven one, we can only speculate. The European car will sprint to 100 km/h in the low to mid fives, and we assume the Canadian one will be able to keep up. This is Countach territory, friends. Not bad for a hatchback, eh? As for top speed, we’re not sure. But we’ll tell you this: the speedometer on the Montreal car went to 300 km/h. We’ll have to wait and see.

Is it thirsty?

Actually, no. The R is hip, and there’s nothing less hip for a car these days than being thirsty. The European model returns a combined city and highway (that’s how they do it over there) fuel consumption of 8.4 L/100 km. Highway numbers will certainly be lower. Compare that to an Evo or STI.

When? Where? How much?

The first ones start arriving at dealers next spring (that’s 2012, for the less mathematically minded).  VW Canada will be receiving an allocation of just 500 vehicles for the first year, so demand will be very high at all dealers.  The vehicles will be allocated to individual dealers based on their share of national 2010 GTI sales.  This is good news – as a VW Motorsport dealer, we’ll certainly be getting our hands on a few here at Clarkdale.  Volkswagen Canada announced the price of the 2012 Golf R: $39,675.

We’ve already pre-sold 18 cars.  If you’re interested, make like a Golf R and act quickly!

April 12th: news from VW Canada regarding the Golf R!


This morning, VW Canada provided us with a few bits of Golf R(elated) news:

  • It will be offered as a 5 door (VW-speak for a 4 door hatchback) only
  • It will be offered with a manual transmission only
  • It will be offered in a single trim level, equivalent to a fully-loaded 2011 GTI
  • There will be a choice of five exterior colours (your only option, really)
  • They will begin to arrive at dealers during spring of 2012

Do you like the sound of all of this?

Visit Clarkdale VW website for more info.


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