Volkswagen’s Super Bowl Commercials

You hear the term “viral video” all the time, and something that is claimed to be one, rarely is. Part of being a viral video is that it isn’t supposed to be from a corporate source. Well, what happens when a giant car company creates one of the great Super Bowl ads in some time, and it gets over 4 MILLION views before the game even airs. That is the commercial known as “The Force” for the new Volkswagen Passat.

As we post this, the number of viewers who have watched the video on YouTube is almost equal to the population of Canada! How is that for scope. Volkswagen has a second commercial for the Super Bowl and while it has only been watched 3.5 million times, those in the advertising business thought it was much more creative then the Star Wars one.

We will post both of the ads for you, but even more than that we will post the behind the scenes videos. While “The Force” is mostly outtakes, the “Black Beetle” actually shows the level of detail that the creators went to pull it off. You will also see just why the creatives in advertising thought it was such a clever ad.


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