Scirocco may come back to North American Market

Back in the late 80’s, every high school seemed to have one. You know what I’m talking about: the unofficial Scirocco car club. The guys whose love of the Volkswagen Scirocco seemed to outweigh the need for many things – including girlfriends. That’s simply how important their car was to them.

Well, have no fear, Scirocco lovers. The car with a name that derives from the Italian word for a Mediterranean wind that originates in the Sahara reaching hurricane speeds by the time it hits North Africa and Southern Europe may descend, once again, in North America.

Jonathan Browning, a top Volkswagen boss, said last week that he’d like to bring the sporty two-door Scirocco back to North America. The Scirocco built a devoted following here from the mid-1970’s through the late 1980s. The car returned to the VW lineup in Europe a few years ago, but to the dismay of many enthusiasts, it hasn’t been available here.

Originally, it was thought the Scirocco would negatively impact GTI sales and by the time VW saw the Scirocco would fit the North American market the currency exchange rate created a financial barrier that made it implausible at that time. Since then, petitions have sprouted online including one on Facebook which misspells Scirocco. Surely, not a petition a true Scirocco fan would sign. You may recall in the 2nd generation Scirocco, the last generation to grace our shores, VW was actually kind enough to spell out “SCIROCCO” in large script on the rear hatch, making the Facebook misspelling a rather unforgiving one.

There aren’t many details on how the Scirocco would be released, but last time VW officials were interviewed on the subject in 2010 by trade weekly Automotive News, VW stated the North American market Scirocco could be sold as a specifically equipped limited-edition model much like the Golf R32 was and that its price and performance would be above that of the GTI.


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