Changes Going on Over at VW Dot Com

Volkswagen has decided that it is time for a change has a whole new look.  As part of a new Digital Business Strategy, the site is the first in a larger plan to make digital and Online changes.

“We intend to utilize the experience gathered in North American for the further rollout of the initiative worldwide. This is a perfect example of how the global brand of Volkswagen makes targeted and intelligent use of its international know-how.” ~Luca de Meo, Head of Group Marketing at Volkswagen

New elements include:

  • Interactive Vehicle Configurator: Improved product and feature information allows shoppers a more robust visual experience when designing a vehicle. A core element of the website presents realistic 3-D high-definition vehicles at your fingertips.  Users looking to test drive a Volkswagen can locate the closest vehicle directly through the site using Google Maps.
  • Social Shopping: Allows visitors to extend their experience into social networks after they’ve designed the car they love. In addition, popular combination features from others are automatically displayed, giving shoppers buying recommendations.
  • The Great Comparison Tool: A first for the brand, users will be able to compare Volkswagen models against all cars. The visual “At a Glance” feature allows consumers to see a visual summary of key stats across all competitive models. Powered by Polk Data, the compare tool is accurate and robust, offering a better online shopping experience.
  • Blogs: An entirely new blog network includes updated editorial content, which humanizes the brand, increases familiarity and deepens connections with consumers. The blog network further extends the use of social media in the car buying experience.
  • Navigation: User- friendly navigation makes it easy for users to navigate into key content areas of the website and explore all Volkswagen vehicles with detailed, dynamic, high quality photos and specifications.
  • Owners Portal: An owner dedicated section of offers a one-stop destination online where customers can get to know their Volkswagen with additional information on the functions of the vehicle, such as operating instructions on the radio navigation systems and Bluetooth connectivity. Future phases of the Owners Portal will allow the customer to personalize their site experience and manage their car-related life with everything from booking service, to making a car payment, to buying accessories.

Catch a preview up above or head on over to check out the new look!


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