VW’s Golf blue-e-motion EV Will Get the Media’s Attention in Los Angeles

The most interesting cars will not all be inside the Los Angeles Convention Center for the local Auto Show this week. One very special car will be zipping around outside on the streets of downtown LA.  Journalists are going to get their chance to drive the Volkswagen Golf blue-e-motion during the media days.

Destined to deliver in 2013, the zero emissions electric Golf has an expected range of 93 miles currently. Specific range will depend on driving style and factors such as the use of air conditioning and heating. The aerodynamic Golf blue-e-motion offers ample power and has features that ensure energy is preserved while driving. For example, the vehicle can coast or “sail,” whenever the driver releases the electric pedal. The motor is then controlled to the zero-torque curve, allowing the car to coast down the road with the least possible drag. The Golf blue-e-motion also recovers kinetically generated energy through brake regeneration.

The five-door and five-seat Golf blue-e-motion is silently driven by an electric motor that delivers a high maximum torque (199 lbs.-ft.) from a stop, resulting in a true zero-emissions Volkswagen driving experience. The electricity for powering the electric motor is stored in a lithium-ion battery with an energy capacity of 26.5 kilowatt-hours. The Golf blue-e-motion joins Volkswagen’s many other responsible mobility options, including TDI Clean Diesels, hybrids and bio-fuel powered vehicles.

While the e-motion may be different under the hood, it proudly carries the design DNA of the current Golf. The biggest exterior difference? Instead of a gas or diesel cap, the recharging plug connector is located under the VW logo on the grille.

Once the journalists get a chance to be behind the wheel, it is only a matter of time before the public will experience the pure electrically powered version of the most successful European car ever built: the Golf.


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