What Does VW Have Coming UP! In Frankfurt for 2011?

According to Automotive News (AN), Volkswagen plans to reveal its new subcompact, 3-door Up! in Frankfurt in September, 2011.

VW told AN, “The first variant in the lineup will be a four-seat, three-door model with a family of three-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines.” Set to be delivered in late-2011, the tiny car is expected to have a cost of about $14,000. Called “”the Beetle of the 21st Century” by VW, the car is expected to have a 5-door and an electric version to follow when the Golf and Jetta EV versions arrive.

The front mounted engine is slated to keep down costs and is considered to be an fierce rival to Fiat’s proposed 2-cylinder mini car.

“The final prototype phase is currently taking place for the Up,” said VW brand development chief Ulrich Hackenberg. “So we will be able to start building near-production cars soon.”


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