We Aren’t Ones to Start Rumors But…

As we managed to hint in our previous article, the Chattanooga Volkswagen Plant will be the home of the VW new midsize sedan. Today, Volkswagen of America released a sneak peek of the still unnamed car in the form of sketches.

The German roots of this car are very evident in the sketches and is said to be a bit larger than the Passat. Designed to give VW a more viable competitor to the Toyota Camry, Nissan Altima and the Honda Accord, the new midsize is said to have a starting price of $20,000. It sure is a looker!

The Chattanooga Plant is a new $1 billion environmentally friendly designed investment by VW in the United States and will produce the new midsize sedan (NMS), which will share 30 to 40% of its parts with the new Jetta. Recent rumors surrounding VW and future engines suggest that there is a possibility that the NMS will be available as a diesel as VW is saying that they would like to have 80% of their cars sold as diesels in coming years while yet another rumor indicates that the NMS will be also available as a hybrid. In any case, it is most likely that the NMS will replace the Passat for North American buyers.

It is an exciting time for Volkswagen and North America!


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