We’ve Been Changing

Slowly but surely, even sometimes without notice, we’ve ben changing. Our dealership has been evolving more as of late for one reason: how to improve your customers’ experience from the showroom to the service drive, even the parts department and our follow up with you away from the store will see changes that should make your notice.

Over the past six months, we’ve made changes to our Internet presence by adding a new website http://www.clarkdale.com, using Facebook and Twitter to communicate more actively with you and now with the main computer “backbone” of our business improving dramatically, we expect that what you see and appreciate new things.

This is not always an easy change for an operation the size of a car dealership. Every upgrade, change and move must be measured fully as there is such a large integration before a customer every would begin to sense a change. From the way our service department receives and tracks the maintenance on your car to how fast we can address new customer on our websites ready to purchase, we have invested and planned.

And we’d like to know what you think of the changes as you do experience them. Our is a completely customer-required business. What we do depends on satisfied people every day and we never forget that. Drop us a line, make a comment on our Facebook page, send an email or simply ask for a manager when you visit the next time.

Thanks for reading!

Your Team At Clarkdale Volkswagen


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